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Aquarium excursion!

What an exciting time we have been having in Grade 1! Last week we were off to the Melbourne Aquarium to explore our fascinating underwater world to learn more about all the animals and sea life which live there. We saw penguins, crocodiles, sharks, stingrays and jellyfish! We learnt about the effects rubbish can have on our environment and how waste can harm animals living in the ocean. During SMILë we have been continuing on with our investigations into sea life by asking deeper questions about some of the animals we learnt about and researching to help us find the answers.


Some of the questions we are researching are:

Are there different types of penguins?
How do sharks find their homes?
How do sharks breathe?
Do seahorses swim in groups?
What do box jellyfish eat?
How do jellyfish sting you?
When do lung fish use their gills or lungs?

We are enjoying investigating these questions and are continuing to ask more everyday. What a wonderful and enriching experience the Aquarium has been!


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Posted on 06/09/17 in Year 1 Blog

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