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Poetry in Grade 1!

For the next few weeks the Grade 1s are learning about all poetry! We are reading poems, rhymes, limericks and nursery rhymes. We are also learning how to write our own poems. All of this learning has come at a great time to prepare for the great St Kilda Poetry contest!

We are learning about the features of a poem, different types of poems, and the types of words and language used when writing poetry.

So far we have discovered:

  • poems can sometimes have rhyming words

  • poems often repeat words or sentences

  • poems are often written in verses like songs

  • some poems can be sung

  • poems use lots of describing words

  • sometimes we have to use our comprehension strategies such as inferring to read between the lines and discover what the author meant

  • poems can have antonyms (opposites) as well as synonyms (words that mean the same thing).

  • poems often describe things using our senses

The Grade 1s begun to brainstorm a poem they could write about this picture:

First they begun by using their senses to brainstorm describing words. This is what Grade 1BU came up with:

They then picked out some words to create rhyming pairs with and then begun using these rhyming word to write a poem.

and what an amazing job they did!

Special thanks to Jasper in 1BU for thinking of such a fantastic title!

Keep checking the blog for more fantastic poems written by Grade 1!


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Posted on 16/08/17 in Year 1 Blog

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