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We, the Year 2 students at St Kilda Primary School, are pleased to be sharing all the exciting, interactive, educational and fun things we will be doing this year. Keep an eye out for information on what we are learning, how you can help at home and the different excursions and incursions we will be participating in. We enjoy our learning and we really love showing everyone what we can do. Follow us in 2018 and give the posts a like!!

Our Recent Posts

First STEAM Rotations! - 22/5/2018 - 2R began our STEAM investigations on Earth science. We began by collecting rock samples from our school grounds and sorting them ┬áinto groups based on their characteristics. During our second session we explored some amazing specimens donated to us by a geologist friend. We studied sedimentary, metamorpic and igneous rocks samples, crystals, natural metals, fossils, […]
STEAM Parent Presentations - 29/3/2018 - This term we have been focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) skills and listening to some presentations by Year 2 parents (scientists, meteorologist, vet, artists, designers, mathematician, mechanical engineer, urban planner, ophthalmologist, and other people who use technology in their profession). They have told us about what their role entails and how […]
Making Characters Great! - 8/3/2018 - This morning at the start of school, Jo (Jeremy’s mum) came to talk to us about characters because they are an important part of a story. Jo is a writer and she knows a lot about writing. She came to help us write our stories for the Preps. We learnt that all characters have traits. […]

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