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Welcome to the Year 3 Blog

Welcome family and friends to our Year 3 2018 blog where we celebrate all of the wonderful things we are learning at school. We look forward to sharing our learning, challenges, projects and ideas with you in the year ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page so you don’t miss out.

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We love Measurement! - 7/12/2018 - Over the last couple of weeks the Grade 3 students have been doing lots of work on measurement. We have found the perimeter and area of the basketball court and oval using informal and formal units. We have learnt about volume, capacity and mass and did a fun activity where we found the capacity of […]
First People of Australia - 22/11/2018 - This term in Integrated, we have been learning about Australia’s first people. In class, we have worked on identifying and mapping Australia’s states and capital cities. We also spent time researching about the Australia Languages Map. A fascinating fact we learnt is that there are 500 Indigenous language groups that belong to six clans. Each language group differs in their […]
What’s on in Term 4 - 16/10/2018 - Welcome back to Term 4 and what another fabulous and busy term we have ahead of us. In Literacy, we will be focusing on the following areas: Reading Summarising information texts by looking for the main idea and identifying the key words in a paragraph Synthesizing (using all of the strategies that the students have […]

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