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Welcome to the Year 3 Blog

Welcome family and friends to our Year 3 2018 blog where we celebrate all of the wonderful things we are learning at school. We look forward to sharing our learning, challenges, projects and ideas with you in the year ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page so you don’t miss out.

Our Recent Posts

“How’s That?” - 9/3/2018 - Is that the next Sir Donald Bradman or Ash Gardner I can see? Who knows, but with our extra cricket training session this week we will certainly be giving those legends a run for their money. Over the next fortnight the Year 3 children will be further developing their cricket skills with a mini workshop […]
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. - 23/2/2018 - The Year 3 students have been thoroughly enjoying their time at MSAC during our swimming program. They have been learning about water safety, a variety of swimming strokes and diving techniques. We look forward to diving into another great week of swimming!
It’s great to be back. - 10/2/2018 - Welcome back everyone. We have had a wonderful start to the 2018 school year and are looking forward to sharing and celebrating the children’s skills, knowledge and achievements throughout the year on our blog. Our Year 3 teaching team for 2018 is; Natasha Ogg-3O, Emily Connelly-3C, Julie McKie & Rita Southwell-3MS and Lisa-Jayne Smith & […]

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