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Welcome family and friends to our Year 3 2017 blog where we celebrate all of the wonderful things we are learning at school. We look forward to sharing our learning, challenges, projects and ideas with you in the year ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page so you don’t miss out.

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What is Sideshow Alley? - 21/9/2017 - Sideshow Alley is the Year 3s contribution to the awesome SKPS Fete on Sunday 29th October. Throughout Term 3, the Year 3 s have being working on their Integrated topic- ‘Sideshow Alley’ to produce a game to be played by the community at our Fete. This project has required the children to: * use their […]
Taskworks Design Incursion - 17/8/2017 - Yesterday we participated in a Design incursion as part of our Integrated unit – Side Show Alley. This fun and engaging session was run by Greg and Rebecca from Taskworks. The workshop was a great opportunity for us to explore how the design process works. It also helped us think about the types of materials we may need […]
Working With The Australian Ballet - 14/8/2017 - This is our third ballet session with Yhale and Chantelle. We begin our sessions with a warm up game, like Opposites or Dragons. Not only do we get a great warm-up but we improve our listening skills, teamwork and have fun. So far we have learnt that our spine has 29 vertebrae with an extra 4 […]

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