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Welcome family and friends to our Year 3 2017 blog where we celebrate all of the wonderful things we are learning at school. We look forward to sharing our learning, challenges, projects and ideas with you in the year ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page so you don’t miss out.

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Year 3 Gould League Incursion - 2/11/2017 - The Year 3s had an amazing day learning all about the environment and living and non living at our incursion today. We grouped living things based on observable feartures and distinguished them from non-living things and product from a living thing. Leah taught us all about respecting our environment and how different living things have […]
Side Show Alley, a sustainblae - 1/11/2017 - Our Side Show Alley was a roaring success at the Great SKPS Fete on Sunday. From Mini Mini Golf to Maze Ball to Hole in the Floor, we had masses of people gathering to play our engaging and sustainable games. We had an amazing time sharing our games with the wider school community and we […]
Using Coding to Advertise The SKPS Fete - 19/10/2017 - During our Integrated topic last semester the children learnt how to code. They used these skills to program the characters in their animated videos on an app called Scratch Jr, to create an advertisement for our school Fete. Each scene required many sets of instructions or commands to make the characters move and talk. One […]

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