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First People of Australia

This term in Integrated, we have been learning about Australia’s first people.

In class, we have worked on identifying and mapping Australia’s states and capital cities. We also spent time researching about the Australia Languages Map. A fascinating fact we learnt is that there are 500 Indigenous language groups that belong to six clans. Each language group differs in their culture.

Each week we have also been participating in various workshops. Our first session focused on the Boonwurrung Nation where we learnt why Welcome to Country is performed and the significance of smoking ceremonies.

In our next session we explored Dreamtime stories and the importance of storytelling in Indigenous culture. It was fantastic recreating these stories and acting as the different characters. We are currently creating stop motion movies about our favourite Dreamtime story.

Today’s session focused on Aboriginal Art. We learnt about different techniques artists use such as dot, lines, symbols and swirls. We even had a go at creating our own interpretation of an animal using some of these techniques.

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Posted on 22/11/18 in Year 3 Blog

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