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Taskworks Design Incursion

Yesterday we participated in a Design incursion as part of our Integrated unit – Side Show Alley. This fun and engaging session was run by Greg and Rebecca from Taskworks.

The workshop was a great opportunity for us to explore how the design process works. It also helped us think about the types of materials we may need in order to make our own Side Show Alley games.

Throughout the session, we rotated through seven activities. These included:

  • Magnetic Art Board
  • Anti Gravity Platform
  • Iron Filings Table
  • Friction Board
  • Kid Lifter (push/pull machine)
  • Go Kart
  • High Striker

We had lots of fun exploring forces, anti gravity, friction and how push/pull lever systems work. We also got to pull apart and reassemble a Go Kart. All activities encouraged good teamwork and communication.

We are very excited to take what we have learnt from the workshop and use it to help up design and construct our own sustainable, arcade style games for the upcoming School Fete.




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Posted on 17/08/17 in Year 3 Blog

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