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What’s on in Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4 and what another fabulous and busy term we have ahead of us.

In Literacy, we will be focusing on the following areas:


  • Summarising information texts by looking for the main idea and identifying the key words in a paragraph
  • Synthesizing (using all of the strategies that the students have been taught to form an opinion about what they are reading)


  • Information reports
  • Open cycle writing using the Writer’s Circle and the 6 Traits of Writing


  • Multiplication and Division
  • Angles
  • Measurement
  • Shape
  • Mass/Capacity


  • Students will complete their Scratch Jnr. Advertisements for the upcoming Senior School Concert
  • Next, students will learn about Australia’s First People. Through the course of the unit, students will further develop their understanding of Indigenous groups and culture
  • Students will participate inĀ four cultural incursions. The focus of each workshop includes: Introduction to Boonwurrung Nation, Storytelling – discussing local instruments and dance, Boonwurrung Art and a Nature Walk.

Thank you from all of the Year 3 Team

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Posted on 16/10/18 in Year 3 Blog

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