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Working With The Australian Ballet

This is our third ballet session with Yhale and Chantelle. We begin our sessions with a warm up game, like Opposites or Dragons. Not only do we get a great warm-up but we improve our listening skills, teamwork and have fun.

So far we have learnt that our spine has 29 vertebrae with an extra 4 in our ‘tail’ and that posture is important for dancers and when playing sport. Sports that require lots of energy need good posture. Having good posture helps your body fill your lungs with oxygen. If we don’t have enough oxygen to feed our muscles we tire easily.
We have looked at body language and what it means. Dancers use facial expressions, movement and body language when they perform.
We have practised using our body to move through different scenerios. Eg walking through honey, moving through the jungle like an animal and moving with zero gravity. It was lots of fun.

Another skill we have learnt was spotting. Spotting helps dancers turn without getting dizzy. We focus on one spot as we spin.
Finally, we have looked at dance words. 3SA has explored; reach, lunge, slide and twist. Using these movements we have been working in groups to prepare our own dance. It is still a work in progress but is lots of fun.

Here are a few pictures of us in action. We hope you enjoy. The Year 3s

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Posted on 14/08/17 in Year 3 Blog

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