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Welcome to 2017 to the Year 4 Blog

What a fantastic start to the year we have been having in Grade 4.

All grades have been getting to know their teachers and classmates and have been busy participating in the ‘Quality Beginning’ program and setting up their classrooms for the wonderful year ahead.

The Grade 4 Team
Laura Keays, Michelle Jones & Matt Pike

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Year 4 Walk to St Kilda Botanical Gardens - 18/5/2017 - All the Year 4s will WALK to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens next THURSDAY 25th May at 11.30am.  Our mission is to plan the route for our upcoming whole school Walkathon – Tuesday 6th June.  As you know, since the beginning of the year, the Year 4s have been active researchers, planners and participants in […]
Active Pathways Meeting - 14/5/2017 - On Friday, 6 student representatives from Year 4 attended the Active Pathways meeting. Mr Pike, Anabel, the Bicycle Network and a member from Port Phillip Council were also present to discuss this exciting project. Year 4 students have been diligently preparing for this meeting during Semester 1. Our vision is for SKPS to be a safer and […]
ANZAC Day (Eve) Assembly - 24/4/2017 - Here are some photos of our whole school ANZAC Assembly. There was a respectful, hushed silence across the grounds as the children paid their respects and thought of those brave soldiers. We were ever so proud of our Year 4 students, Emogen, Mila, Mia, Eliza and Hannah who voluntarily researched and presented ANZAC facts to […]

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