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Open the door to Year 4

Welcome to 2017 to the Year 4 Blog

What a fantastic start to the year we have been having in Grade 4.

All grades have been getting to know their teachers and classmates and have been busy participating in the ‘Quality Beginning’ program and setting up their classrooms for the wonderful year ahead.

The Grade 4 Team
Laura Keays, Michelle Jones & Matt Pike

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Pedal to the metal ….that’s Term 4! - 27/10/2017 - Please slow down Term 4!!! Week 3 already and we are NOT looking forward to saying goodbye to this lovely cohort of learners. The Soccer Gala Day was absolutely perfect in every way. The weather, the camaraderie, the sportsmanship, impressive soccer skills, the teamwork, resilience and general mood of the day. Thank you so much to […]
More Camp Manyung Highlights! - 19/9/2017 - What a camp! We braved the miserable weather and armed ourselves with an adventurous spirit and a growth mindset. The flying fox and giant swing were clear favourites. It was fun searching for crabs and other creatures at the beach. We were able to make connections to what we have been learning about geology and […]
Coming to you LIVE from CAMP! - 14/9/2017 - Hello from the cold but very happy campers!!! You will all be very, VERY happy to hear that all your little lambs have had a hugely successful first 24 hours. Yes, it is rather chilly, and yes, there are passing showers freshening us up, but everyone has packed well and is staying dry. The activities […]

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