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Coming to you LIVE from CAMP!

Hello from the cold but very happy campers!!!

You will all be very, VERY happy to hear that all your little lambs have had a hugely successful first 24 hours. Yes, it is rather chilly, and yes, there are passing showers freshening us up, but everyone has packed well and is staying dry.

The activities have been embraced by all the children with incredible team spirit and a strong determination to give everything a go. Even the nervous or shy kids that were unsure at first, tried each activity. The camaraderie of the group has been so beautiful to watch. The children have all been encouraging, supportive and helpful towards each other. The children have been split into activity groups which are mixed up (not their cabin groups). They have a leader with them throughout each activity. There has been bike riding lessons with a great trail ride through the forest, orienteering treasure hunts, geocaching and the ever popular Giant Swing, rockpool beach walk, Flying Fox and of course plenty of free time for tennis, ping pong, frisbee, ball games and cabin chats.

The food has been delicious. The children have been giving thumbs up for every meal. The adults too!! Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea is a piece of very fresh fruit and a cookie. Dinner was Shepherd’s Pie last night with roast pumpkin, greens and fresh bread and butter, followed by a chocolate orange self saucing pudding. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, hash browns and sauteed mushrooms & tomatoes. There were also tables of cereals, fruit and more toast with a choice of condiments. Each group has a meal time of kitchen duty. They set up the dining hall and stack the dishes in the dishwasher……and they love it!!!

Some quotes from the children regarding the cabins; “wow, they are like a mini apartment”, “I never want to leave”, “this is the best place ever” and “I wish we could live here”. They are all warm, cosy and have gorgeous views of the bush and each others cabins as well as the teachers’ cabin. We are all close together in a circle with a common area in the middle. The children were a little too excited for sleeping early last night, but we were very impressed with how silent they all were by 10 pm. There were only a couple of little visitors to the teacher’s cabin with lovely friends in tow. Sleeping away from home for the first time is always a little daunting but after a few tips and tricks and reassuring hugs they went back with smiles on their faces. There was much whooping and hi five-ing this morning, when the kids woke up to realise they officially got through their first night away from home.

The parent helpers and student teachers have been absolutely fabulous. Thank you to Eleanora, Charlotte, Simone, Anastasia and Rochelle. Simone Clancy arrives today to help and it is her birthday!! WOW. We may give her an extra pudding tonight.

Anyway, we are off to the next activity now. I hope this has reassured you all that your child is happy and having a great time.

Kind Regards,

Michelle, Laura and Matt

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Posted on 14/09/17 in Year 4 Blog

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