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‘RUOK? Day’ at SKPS

After working all year on developing The Kindness Project, Friday was our first big day to take our learning to the whole school community. It was ‘RUOK? Day’ at SKPS. A day planned, organised and run by the Grade 4 students.

You may have seen all the promotional material around the school to promote ‘RUOK? Day’. The Grade 4 students used their understanding of persuasive writing to promote the day. These posters and all the other promotion the students spent time on clearly paid off. This was evident as we watched waves of yellow make their way through the school gates in the morning.

The focus for students for the day was planning, preparing and running ‘RUOK? Day’ lessons throughout the school.

As we have range of ages across the school, students had to think very carefully about who they were planning a lesson for and what it might look like. Students worked in small groups to organise engaging introductions, these ranged from picture story books, to games, to Youtube clips. The Grade 4 students then supported students to deepen their understanding of ‘RUOK? Day’. What is the purpose of ‘RUOK? Day’ and what it looks like at SKPS. Each grade then had a short activity and share time.

As teachers floated around the classrooms we were so proud to watch the Grade 4s deliver their lessons with confidence and enthusiasm…. Enough from our perspective though! Let’s hear what the students thought…

 ‘The planning was a bit tricky at first but once we shared and practised ideas with our classmates it was easy and fun! We practised a lot but we still felt a bit nervous. Luckily we made a lesson plan which really helped. On the day I felt a bit nervous at first, but once we started I felt comfortable and it felt really good. The Grade 2s listened and liked the activity we planned. Our teachers were enthusiastic and the Grade 2 teachers liked our visit. It was funny when Miss Higgins came to our room to congratulate us, she yelled, “Are you ok?”, and we all jumped with fright. It was a really great day.’ Rebecca 4G

 ‘It was nice to have a day where everyone was kind. I felt happy that I had been a part of that. My group ran a lesson in Year 5 where the students had to create an emoji conversation asking RUOK using their iPads. It went really well’ Theo 4K

“I think it all planned out really well until some of the class didn’t want to do it but the teacher helped us out. Highlights were at the end when a student came up to share her picture of her being a good friend and we gave her a sticker for doing such a great job. All of a sudden all the students wanted to share all their amazing pictures of them being a great friend. I’ve learnt that’s its harder to communicate with the preps and you need to speak slowly and clearly.” Ellie 4T

‘My group ran a lesson for a Year 6 class. We had been planning our lesson for weeks. I was nervous when I had to stand in front of them all. It was really nice to see how excited everyone was. Our activity went so well. The students made RUOK stress balls out of balloons and sand and then they also worked on an RUOK continuum. I felt so proud of myself and my group’ Clem 4K

‘I found it really fun to be a teacher!’ Annika 4K

“I thought it was really fun and to walk around to watch what the kids drawing their pictures of them being a great friend was cool. We did some brainstorming of words about what a great friend would do and we had heaps of kids wanting to do second drawings which was awesome. I realised how much fun it was to be a teacher.” Harry 4T

‘We have been learning about inspirational people and words. In the morning I wrote lots of quotes around the school in chalk. My favorite quote is ‘Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest step of your life’. I thought this was such good quote to share with the school and encourage them to take steps in the right direction. Overall I feel like RUOK day went really well’ Jaxon 4K

”RUOK? Day’ was really fun. It was really good to see what all the little kids could do. It was interesting to see what the Grade 2 kids thought someone who was sad and someone who was happy looked like. My favourite part was when all the SKPS kids came to school wearing yellow, some kids just wore a t shirt or a socks but some kids went over the top with yellow afros and face paint. It was quite fun to see.’ Dylan 4G

“The preppies were really cute and I enjoyed interact with the younger students. I felt good about sharing my knowledge of RUOK Day and the 4 steps to having important conversations. The lesson went smoothly once we started because we had all the planning down, had practiced a lot and were really well prepared.” Eli 4T

“I like how we got to see different children in the different years and get to work with different people. I liked how we got to choose what we did like an iMovie, book or PowerPoint to help the preps and year ones understand what the four steps of RUOK day were all about. It was a really fun and entertaining project from start to finish which I enjoyed a lot.” Sonia 4T


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Posted on 17/09/18 in Year 4 Blog

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