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The Kindness Project


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Cow Says.
Cows says who?
No! A cow says “moo!”
Did we make you laugh? Did we make you smile? We hope that one little joke brightened your day!
On that note… Have you heard about the Grade 4 Kindness Project?
Over the year, the Grade 4s have been developing their understanding of themselves, how they feel, how they act and the power we each have to affect others in positive ways. 
We have been focusing on key questions such as:
  • What makes people thrive/succeed in our classroom//community?
  • How can learning about our past can help us understand the present, and inform future decisions?
  • How can our actions affect others?
  • Why is it important to listen to different points of views and perspectives of others?
You may have heard of some of the amazing activities that we have been doing to support students to develop their own answers to these questions. 
Some of the activities/ work include:
·         Humans of History biographies
·         Our visit to Government House
·         Camp Manyung
·         Literature in class
·         Kindness Trees and Gratitude Wall
·         Reflecting on our own challenges and successes at school and using these to plan and write a survey to collect data from across the school. This data was graphed and analysed to help us understand the needs of our classmates.
·         Random acts of kindness around the school
·         In class texts, such as Wonder, Boy Overboard, Malala’s magic pencil
The Grade 4 students will be in charge of promoting and running the SKPS RUOK? Day later in Term 3 and Kindness Week in Term 4.
The students are currently working on what these days will look like. 
Stay tuned for what they determine as our next steps!

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Posted on 17/08/18 in Year 4 Blog

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