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Welcome back to Term 4

Can you believe it is Term 4 already?! The children have all returned fresh, a little taller and ready for an excellent final term together.

We began the term with each student writing a letter to their teacher. Students were able to share things they were excited about, wonderings they have, what learning they are looking forward to… and anything else they wanted! It was fantastic reading the positivity and anticipation for what the students expect of the term ahead.

This term students will be planning and running Children’s Week at SKPS. This is week 6 of the term, with our main day being ‘Kindness Day’ on Wednesday November 14th. The purpose of the day will be to draw on our learning from the year and create an informative piece to share with the school community about kindness.

“What will this look like?!” You might ask. Well, this is entirely up to the students. Each class is in the early stage of development, so it is hard to answer this question at this stage, but to give you a clue we are hearing ideas such as; picture story books, performances, songs, whole school workshops, individual lessons for classes, a kindness cinema, and many other creative ideas… all with the aim of spreading a culture of kindness across our community…stay tuned!

Our reading focus for the term will be critiquing and fluency, followed by building the ability to access a range of comprehension strategies independently while reading and tracking our thinking. You may have heard your child come home and mention ‘fake news’, as we have started our critiquing unit by looking at information shared on the internet and how to detect how reliable it is.

In Maths, we are beginning the term by revising number and the four operations and then moving onto measurement, which includes; mass, capacity and volume!

We also have the school concert at the end of October… Wowww…. So much to look forward to!

Don’t forget Term 4 is no hat, no play! Students are also encouraged to bring their own tube of sunscreen, which they can leave in the classroom and apply before going out at snack and lunch each day.

Any questions – just ask!

Ms King, Mr Dylan and Ms Gannon

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Posted on 12/10/18 in Year 4 Blog

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