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What a WONDERFUL Winter!!

Hello Year 4 Families,

Welcome to Spring!! We had such an action packed end to Winter. Bookweek was ever so successful. The costumes were carefully crafted and the books we shared, opened many eyes to new stories, authors and worlds in which to escape. Scroll down for some photos of the day.

Bike Ed was fantastic. Mr Cheshire and Mr Pike did a superb job of teaching all the Year 4s how to safety check their bikes and helmets before riding, to control their bikes when riding slowly or turning corners and how to use hand signals.

The Geology/rock formation digital information reports have been of an incredibly high standard in regards to research, summarising, graphics, layout and presentation skills of the students. We did notice that many children are still working towards proofreading for spelling, grammar and capital letters at the beginning of proper nouns, so we will focus on that in the coming weeks.

We will move into reading and writing persuasive texts from next week. Children will be analysing opinion pieces, advertisements and articles to explore the structure and language of persuasive texts and then we will practise fine tuning our skills in writing persuasively. Our goal is to improve our persuasive writing in order to create digital and pamphlet texts that will convince our community at the St Kilda Primary School Fete to ride, scooter, walk or skate to school (or anywhere else) rather than use the car. This ties in with our Geology unit, which explores both the natural and human impacts on our environment.

We had a ball at the Family Maths Night. We were very proud of our Year 4s, who greeted guests and explained our multiplication games to the whole community. Our multiplicative thinking skills have improved immensely since the beginning of the unit. We are so proud of all the Year 4s who are courageously stepping into the zone of confusion to think deeply about what the question is asking them and to select the most efficient strategy from the range of strategies they now have in their ‘mental maths toolkit’. Division is our current focus and the concept of ‘times as many’. We are learning to use systematic thinking and tables to help unpack the question and the steps involved.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and step fathers out there. You are doing an amazing job of guiding and nurturing these incredible humans.

Kindest Regards,

Michelle Jones, Laura Keays, Matthew Pike and Melissa Wedd (4K’s Friday teacher)

Bookweek Parade

Mr Chesh, Mr Pike (and Jai), our trusty Bike Ed facilitators!








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Posted on 01/09/17 in Year 4 Blog

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