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Year 4 School Grounds Auditors at Work!

Here we are auditing our school grounds in preparation for our Working Bee. We compiled a list of works to be completed and wrote an email to Ms. Higgins and Anabel (our wonderful School Sustainability Co-ordinator) informing them of our findings. We used our science based observation skills and our new understandings of erosion and weathering.

Here is the list we came up with:

  • leaf litter has blocked drains along the oval and at the Chapel St fence near the water tanks
  • top up and smooth the surfaces of the oval
  • sweep tanbark back into Junior Playground
  • more soil and mulch in the garden beds around the peppercorn trees at Dickens St entrance
  • erosion of tanbark in Enchanted Garden
  • leaf litter all through the Junior Courtyard (fire hazard)
  • stones in Japanese Garden need to be put back into the garden
  • slimy, wet leaf litter is a SLIPPING HAZARD along path and bike racks by the side of the school on Dickens Street (from Enchanted Garden)
  • there is a loose sign on the ground in Enchanted Garden that was brought over by Year 6s from the Chapel Street fence
  • tripping hazard in Junior Courtyard as bricks are uneven and some are missing
  • weeds around water tanks
  • leaf litter under steps to Manabi Deck (massive fire hazard)

I am extremely proud of the children’s enthusiasm, observations and note taking skills. They also came up with solutions and wrote the email together. Tasks which cannot be completed tomorrow will now be on a maintenance to do list.

Great work Year 4!!

Michelle Jones

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Posted on 04/08/17 in Year 4 Blog

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