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Buddy Reading with our Year 1 buddies.

Year 5 and Year 1 shared their favourite books with their buddies as part of National Literacy and Numeracy week.IMG_5911 (640x478)

IMG_5910 (640x478)


IMG_5908 (640x478)

IMG_5907 (640x478)

IMG_5906 (640x478)

IMG_5905 (640x478)

IMG_5902 (640x478)

IMG_5901 (640x478)

IMG_5900 (640x478)

IMG_5899 (640x478)

IMG_5898 (640x478)

IMG_5896 (640x478)


IMG_5895 (640x478)

IMG_5894 (640x478)

IMG_5893 (640x478)

IMG_5892 (640x478)

IMG_5891 (640x478)

IMG_5890 (640x478)

IMG_5887 (640x478)

IMG_5886 (640x478)

IMG_5884 (640x478)

IMG_5883 (640x478)

IMG_5882 (640x478)

IMG_5880 (640x478)

IMG_5879 (640x478)

IMG_5878 (640x478)

IMG_5877 (640x478)

IMG_5876 (640x478)

IMG_5875 (640x478)

IMG_5874 (640x478)

IMG_5873 (640x478)

IMG_5872 (640x478)




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Posted on 02/08/13 in Year 5 Blog

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