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Exciting Times for Learning

The Year 5s have put so much effort into learning the choreography, their lines and the lyrics for Wind in the Willows. The challenge is to be loud and proud with jazz hands and smiling faces on the night. We just came back from our full dress rehearsal on site at the Phoenix Theatre and it is shaping up to be a spectacular show. We are so very proud of every single one of the children… stepping outside of their comfort zones in their own personal way. I’ve heard quite a few ‘I’m so proud of myself’ comments and many nervous kids that have said, ‘WOW, that was fun, I don’t even know why I was nervous!’.

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Our Current Literacy Focus

Students are exploring a range of speeches to identify the key features of speeches

Key Understandings:


  • The importance of word choice when persuading another
  • The importance of the structure and purpose of a speech
  • That speeches are written for a specific audience



All the year 5s are reading and viewing many speeches and writing their own for either School Captain or a speech about their Year 5 Leadership group.

Our Current Maths Focus

We have moved from algebraic thinking to geometric reasoning

Key Understandings:

Students will understand:

  • What makes shapes alike and different can be determined by geometric principles
  • Transformation provides a significant way to think about ways properties change and not change when a shape is moved
  • Visualisation provides the ability to create a mental image that supports the identification of properties

Our Integrated Unit Topic: Democracy and Government (perfect preparation for School Captain nominations, campaigning and voting as well as the Canberra Trip early next year)


  • What a democracy is
  • The role of Governments
  • What it means to be a positive, purposeful global citizen
  • The qualities and dispositions of a good leader



  • What happened post Federation?
  • What does democracy mean?
  • How is our  Government structured?  (Local, State, Federal)
  • How does State government work?
  • How does  Australia’s electoral system work?
  • What makes a good leader?

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Posted on 30/10/18 in Year 5 Blog

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