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Victoria Police Social Cohesion Project


This week a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students have been involved in the Victoria Police Social Cohesion Project.  The aim of this project was to create resources for the local community with a clear student voice. The project began with a performance by Melbourne Playback Theatre who brought to life true stories of the students, local police offices and members of the broader community. It was truly incredible to watch the emotion on the students faces as their voices and stories were acted out in front of them so accurately.

The Year 5 students were then involved in a two day workshop with professional film makers, photographers, sound artists and rappers. They spent hours sharing their ideas about what they see as being safe and unsafe in their community and their vision for change.
They helped to make a short film and a rap song over the course of the two days and were an integral part of every step of the process. The project will be launched in February next year and we can’t wait to see it.
The two days has drawn on the creative writing skills of students as well as their photography skills, their visions for their future and their ability to analyse local problems and create solutions. The students involved should be so proud of how they conducted themselves throughout the project. All involved commented on just how remarkable the students at SKPS are.

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Posted on 24/11/17 in Year 5 Blog

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