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Marine Discovery Centre Excursion

On Tuesday the 26th of November, the Year 5s and 6s went to Queenscliff for a Biodiversity excursion. The bus trip was an hour and half each way, and when we arrived our fist stop was the beach.

At the beach we learnt about all the different animals and variety of plants that live on the beach. While we were there we saw lots of dead Mutton Birds. They had died from lack of food and flying through storms. We also learnt about what each animal did to keep the ecosystem going.

After we left the beach we went on the bus to the Marine Discover Centre. While we were there we saw lots of crustaceans and fish. We had a lot of fun looking at the many species of marine life. In the middle of the center was a ‘touch tank’ full of crabs, sea snails, sea urchins and sea stars which we were allowed to handle.

We then had lunch looking out onto the wetlands. We had lots of fun at the center and we all learnt something from it.

By Sweeney and Paddy.

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Posted on 27/11/13 in Year 5 Blog

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