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Sail away, sail away, sail away….

What a glorious day the Year 5 students had yesterday at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Club. The students are lucky enough to be a part of a three day Tackers Sailing Program which has been offered free to our school as part of a generous bequest.

The sun was shining and the breeze was gently blowing and within an hour of learning about safety, basic rigging of a boat and the theory behind balance and steering they were off..and sailing…by themselves…in the ocean!!! It was remarkable just how quickly every student mastered this new skill.

During the program the students will learn

  • How to steer & paddle our dinghy
  • How to use the wind in our sails
  • How the boat balances
  • Sailing a simple course
  • Tacking (turning) our dinghy
  • How to bring the boat back up
  • Rigging and packing up our dinghy
  • Some marine knots
  • Using a lifejacket

We can’t wait for the next two lessons over the coming weeks. All parents are welcome to pop down and watch, it is a sight to behold!

The Year 5 teachers


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Posted on 29/11/17 in Year 5 Blog

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