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You could cut the air with a knife in the library today at 10.00am. With bated breath and nervous chatter, the Year 5s waited for Ms Higgins and Mrs O’Malley to arrive and deliver the long-awaited short list of candidates for our 2019 School Captains.

In her introduction, Ms Higgins made a very valid point – that the shortlist was extremely hard to create this year due to the sheer amount of very strong candidates who not only wrote impressive speeches but have shown strong leadership qualities in the many years they have been at this school. The current school captains concurred as they spoke of their awe when watching the speeches LIVE last week.

It was beautiful to see the enthusiasm and support from all the Year 5s as names were read out. It was heartwarming to watch so many children happy for others. The disappointment was managed with a remarkable level of maturity and it was wonderful to hear kind words all around.

The shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by Ms Higgins and Mrs O’Malley on either Friday morning or Friday afternoon.

Here they are:

Hugo Foxworthy

Harry de Korte

Mila Rawling

Archie Young

Lauren Fletcher

Aashi Singh

Ayanna Singh

Millie Cunningham

Ivy Glenfield

Ruby Serry

Maggie Rose Tynan

Maddie Roberts

Soleil Premkumar

Josie Bryce


As the Year 6s said, “every candidate who got up and presented their speech would make the best school captain – all would deserve it”.



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Posted on 27/11/18 in Year 5 Blog

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