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The Bridge Riddle

There was a great deal of screaming, stomping and pencil throwing in Maths this week as our Year 5 students were presented with some challenging maths. Their goal was to demonstrate a growth mindset, to not give up, to refuse to declare the tasks impossible and to not scream at their teachers. They had thirty minutes to solve this riddle…can you? Don’t forget to pause when it tells you to.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.00.34 PM

Easy? Hard? Did you give up?

Now try this one…..

               Using only addition, how can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000?

Remember….you can do it!

For more information on growth mindsets and grit have a look at these links


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Posted on 20/11/15 in Year 5 Blog

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