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Welcome back to Term 4 – we are off and racing…

What a fabulous first week back we have had in our Year 5 classrooms!

Thank you to all of the wonderful grandparents and special friends who joined us on Grandparents Day last Thursday. It is truly a highlight of the school calendar every year and it was so delightful to watch the students proudly share their achievements with loved ones. The Year 5 students conducted interviews with their visitors and a number of secrets and stories were shared. The chatter and laughter in the classroom was just marvelous.

This term sees us all preparing for the fete on Sunday 29th October. Only two weeks until our budding entrepreneurs unleash their hard work and mini businesses out into the community. The students are working hard on budgets, marketing, rostering and final preparations and the buzz is electric. Look out for our car wash, cookie creations, fabulous fondue, refreshing drinks, chocolate delights and second hand sports equipment in a few weeks. It is wonderful to see such creativity and collaboration amongst the year level. Thank you in advance to all of the parents for all of their support behind the scenes.

We are so excited for this term and look forward to sharing it with you.

The Year 5 Team



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Posted on 16/10/17 in Year 5 Blog

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