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Year 4 to 5 Transition Program

Last year, the grade fives and fours (currently grade fives and sixes) came together to do a transition program in the Real Life Learning Centre (RLLC). We were paired up with year 5 buddies to show us the books and activities we have in year 5.

We were shown the year 5’s diaries and our buddies explained how we use them. We were also shown our buddy’s books and they explained to us how we learn and what we learn about in year 5. We also learnt about portfolios. With our portfolios, we have one subject and we rotate to all the teachers in year 5 and 6, learning new things about the subject.

We also did ‘get to know you’ group activities, like lining up based in order of your name and also lining up in order of your date of birth.

Right now, the current year 5’s are doing the same transition program with the year 4’s. It is very enjoyable meeting new year 4’s and teaching them about year 5.

By Bella and Henry M

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Posted on 26/11/13 in Year 5 Blog

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