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Year 5 Leadership and more!

This week the Year 5 Leadership groups have been very busy. The Whole School Community Group ran the Festival of Fun. This was where the group ran sports and arts sessions at lunch time for all students, and a baked sale helped raise money for student projects. All the Year 5 groups also presented what they have been doing this year to the Year 4 classes. From doing the Year 4 students got an idea of what each group has to offer. They will get asked next year to choose a group they want to work in.

Some people from each group put together the presentations. They made presentations and iMovies to show them. This year, each Friday we worked together to come up with ideas to make the school and the world a better place.

by Finn (5R)

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We also went to see the Community Christmas Tree Festival, followed by a visit to see the Sustainable Houses made by the Year 6s.

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Posted on 06/12/18 in Year 5 Blog

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