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Year 5 Learning To Budget


Year 5 students have recently been learning to budget in Maths. We have completed a variety of budget projects.

One task involved planning an IKEA shopping spree for our classrooms, then writing and presenting persuasive texts to convince our classmates to vote for our selections. We have been using our iPads to create spreadsheets, which involve formulas and help us with calculations. Another task involved using a Coles catalogue to create a weekly grocery budget. Our real-life learning has been hands-on, collaborative and fun!!!


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In preparation for ANZAC Day, students viewed texts about the ANZAC story. This included recording new facts learnt, and becoming aware of connections they were making to the text being viewed.

This enhanced their understanding of the event. Following the ANZAC day ceremony, it helped them engage in meaningful discussions with the visiting Vietnam veteran, Bruce Kidney.




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Posted on 22/04/16 in Year 5 Blog

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