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Year 5 Poetry

The Year 5’s created some fabulous pieces of Poetry for their Portfolios.

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Free Verse

A poem of poems                 

There once was a limerick,

Who went to the zoo,

And when he was there,

he met a haiku,

The two of them went,

To the lions  plain,

It was there that they met,

a mighty cinquain,

In the bog was a frog,

Who was under a curse,

But turned out to be ,

A funny free verse,

Then they found Shakespeare,

Who was making a salad,

And while they were there,

He gave them a ballad,

They went to the bat cave,

The dark was intense,

And in the light was,

A poem of nonsense,

The six travelled on,

To the city of Shloem,

Where they were all enlightened  ,

That they were each poems.

By Oriana


Winter creeping in

Killing all life


By Sean


Not much

Was my answer

When it asked me

If I’d liked it…

Too bad

Said the future

Then it showed me

What the truth is:

Blue light

Waiting brightly

For acceptance

True believing-

I’m here

For an instant

Of a lifetime

Yet I waste it!

By Seb

Autumn Leaves

The wind blew the leaves around me.

Red, yellow, orange, green, purple and brown.

Quick twirls and flutters of colour.

Everywhere, to the left, to the right.

The colours of a rainbow, so beautiful and clear.

The leaves danced on the floor.

And did summersaults in the air.

Cartwheels along the ground.

Backflips through the street.

By Laura


Soft, white, sand

Blue ,crystal, clear sea

Sand castles everywhere to be seen

You can feel the hot wind against your face

Waves crashing on the rocks

People swimming

The beach, such an amazing place to be

By Daniela


Once I was in a netball match

And we won!

Got a shot

The ball flying into the net


We won by a point


Then our team

Was priding with beam

And when I woke up

It was a dream

By Victoria



Water glistening,

White foam crawling,

Sun setting,

I am standing there breathless, staring at the sea,

People talking,

Shades of orange fill the sky.


People leaving,

Seagulls flying overhead,

No more white foam,

Blasts of colours roam the sky.


Moon shining,

Sand is cold,

Dead silence…

By Daniel


I am a bee

As happy as I am

High in the sky


Hands everywhere

Trying to kill

The only thing they see

which is sadly me!

By Hugo

Royal Meeting

Blue sky

People waiting eagerly,

Waiting, waiting

The tram approaches,

Her Majesty and the Duke.

I’m scared but excited.

Look! The Duke!!!

At me!!

At me!!

He smiles.

It’s gone.

Why was it so short?

I wanted more.

By Sam L

The quiet village

The sun rises gently over the mountains,

Brightening the early world,

Birds softly sing their sweet tunes,

Waking the quiet village,

Bluebells bob their heads here and there,

Dancing to the morning chatter,

The big, strong trees merrily wake up,

From the sounds of laughing children,

The sunny, busy morning continues,

In the quiet village

By Bella


Loud weeping,

Horrified screams,

Knocked over trees,

Murky mud,

Bashed up cars,

Dead bodies,

Rubbled houses,

No birds singing

No blue skies…no

Just a small,



Ruined town.

By Leila


Splash, splosh went the water high and low

Deep down lived a water troll

Deeper down lived a shark that drove a truck

A little further down lived a sea dragon

And what beast he was

He would protect his treasure from anyone.

By Nikita


Walking in the dark

Frightened and cold

Walking alone in the darkness

Strangers walking around you

While dogs howl at the moon

Bushes rustling, rain and thunder

The dark is the creepiest place to be

Avoiding creepy, abandoned houses and shops

Are you brave enough to face the gloomy dark?

By Niko


Up, up

Flew the owl,

Riding the wind,

The wind blows through his wings,

Sleep in day, awake at night,

Sharp beaks, sharp claws, but very cute,

Big eyes so he could see his prey at night,

Down, down,

He comes back down,

Soft and fluffy, sleeping in bed,

Good night sleepy owl.

By Kei


In Summer I go out a lot

I go swimming at the pool

Or eat ice cream with my brothers

In Autumn I go to the park with my friends

Or run around with my dogs

And jump in the piles of red and yellow leaves

In winter we stay in

Because of the cold rain outside

The dogs lick our faces

Which I think is very strange

Spring we’re outside again

Having fun with friends

After that the seasons start again

Into the New Year.

By Oscar


The ball is bounced

The ruckman collide

A rover grabs it

And boots it up high

The backmen push and try to punch

But a player flies high and oh, what a mark

He goes back ‘cooley’

And kicks it straight over the goal umpires hat

The crowd goes crazy

The team go wild

They’ve won the game

And they’ve won in style

By James


Bright colours in the sky

The smell of rain lingering behind

Sunshine breaks through the clouds

Everything happy comes back.

By Izzy


The bread is sliced

To descend to the heat

I’m waiting, I’m watching

I’m tapping my feet

The toaster goes beep

I rush and I run

I grab my plate


By Henry Joe Nankervis


I am a rainbow fish,

I swim across the Barrier Reef,

Looking, searching, finding.


I take my prey,

Whilst others search for their prey.

By Megan



The boiling, hot sun brings busy families to the beach, and there are ice-cream trucks everywhere.

Then comes


Leaves falling, wind picking up and temperatures dropping



Icy rain, cold breezes, everyone unpacking their winter pyjamas



All the flowers blossoming, bringing summer back

By Sam D


The Beach (Haikus)

The waves were crashing.

And the seagulls were squawking.

While I’m watching all.

I then sat to watch.

To let every thought drift off.

While I go relax.

I then woke in shock.

Realising my mind made all.

And all was a dream.

By Fred


Leaves drifting from trees

Creating a golden path

For me to walk on

By Sweeney


Birds squawking in trees

Monkeys swinging through jungles

Tigers stalking pray

By Ty


Birds whistle in trees.

Birds fly high in the blue sky.

Birds lay eggs in nests.

By Nabil

Cat’s life

Cats purr comfortably

Cats jump over big fences

Cats run through alleys

By Vincent


Birds sleep in big trees

Birds lay eggs in spikey nests

Birds are so noisy

By Tyler

Black holes

Oh the great black hole,

An endless vortex of death,

Nothing can survive.

By Robin


The cool running water

Flowing streams, raging rapids

A need for all life

By Riley


Black sky full of stars

With eight different planets

Spinning round the sun

By Angel


Cold and icy

Everybody having fun

Winter has arrived

By Will


In the dark night sky

The tornado comes closer

Ripping down houses.

By Molly

Boats Capsizing

Big, blue waves crashing

The sea spraying with water.

Boats are capsizing.

By Paddy


Cute little puppies,

Bouncing high around the room,

Fun, little creatures.

By Ashley

The Rising Sun

Birds squawked at sun rise

The sun rises high today

At dawn the moon wakes

By Lily



There once was an old man called Santa

He drank lots of Coke, Sprite and Fanta

He gave presents they say

Throughout Christmas Day

That kind, sweet old man called Santa.

By Brier

The Thin Man

There was a man from Berlin,

who was really incredibly thin.

If he needed to hide,

he just turned to the side.

He was thin as a very thin pin.

By Luke.


There was an old lady called Rose

she had extremely long toes

she went out one night

and got quite a fright

as she tripped over the garden hose.

By Olivia

Th Boy from Sparta

There once was a boy from Sparta

There was Albert Einstein , but this kid was smarter

When he got old

He became very bold

and worked as a professional farter.

By Frankie

Fishing everyday

There once was a young boy who loved fishing

During class he would always be wishing

He was out on the bay

Catching fish everyday

That his mum every night could be dishing

By Nick


There once was a woman named Jill,

Who lived on a very big hill.

One day it imploded,

So everyone exploded.

There once WAS a woman named Jill.

By India


There once was a boy called Lee,

Who thought he was a bee,

When getting some money,

He thought it was honey,

So ate on toast with his tea,

By Elijah


I love the bird the pelican

His beak can hold more than his belly can

He can hold in his beak

Food for a week

Oh that bird the pelican

By Alex




Funny, furry

Playing, swinging, laughing

A bright spark as the world goes by


By Henry



Cold, wet noses

Barking, digging, jumping

Eyes, they look up at you with love


By Abby


Snow falling down,

Melting, changing, freezing,

Snowballs are flying, landing everywhere,


By Nina

Nonsense Poems

My Cat

I had a cat with a very long tail,

For some odd reason why it was very frail,

We went to the vet but there was no cure,

All the vet said was that the tail’s too obscure,

So we took it back home and as we got to the door,

It suddenly let out a horrible roar,

Quickly it shrunk to the size of a mouse,

But its tail stayed the same as it ran through the house,

The tail it went crazy, it had a life of its own,

Smashed a hole in the window, broke mum’s vase and the phone,

Mum was angry, I’d never seen her so mad,

She talked for 3 hours to grandma and dad,

At the end of all that she walked into my room,

She had come to deliver the message of doom,

“that cat has to go, that cat cannot stay”,

“it’s off to uncle Jim’s farm, it’s going away”,

We sat on my bed that big tail and I,

It gave me a cuddle and I started to cry,

Later that night I woke with a start,

I heard thumping downstairs or was it my heart?

I peered around the door and what did I see?

Two robbers in the house, or perhaps there were three,

I tried to look through the door it was open a fraction,

The tail said, “don’t worry” as it jumped into action,

What happened next was a remarkable sight,

Three grown men and a tail in a fight,

In a flash it was over, the tail it had won,

And at the top of the stairs stood my dad and my mum,

They clapped and they cheered and said ‘hip hip hooray’,

We love that pet tail, that pet tail it can stay!

Now we’re all happy I think you’d agree,

My mum, dad and grandma, my pet tail and me.

By Sunday

Cherry Cake Pop Shape poems


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