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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog

Welcome to our 2017 Year 6 Team Blog.

Our three classes will be led by Eric (6E), Ms Davis (5/6D) and Ms Y (6Y).

We have an amazing group of young leaders this year and we anticipate a wonderful year full of learning and laughter. Stay tuned to see how we progress in our learning and the legacy we will leave in our final year of primary school!


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Fun at the Farmer’s Market - 27/5/2017 - Thank you to our beautiful parent volunteers and Year 5/6 students for taking the time to come down to today’s Farmer’s Market and encouraging people to donate to our school wishing well. Donations collected from today’s market will go towards our Year 5/6 leadership projects. We are so grateful for the community support!
Gearing Up For Gala Day! - 27/5/2017 - Students from the Wellbeing and House Leadership group organised a lunchtime sofcrosse game for Year 5/6 students on Friday. Their goal for this project was for students to have fun and learn more about the rules of the game before next week’s Gala Day. What a great start!
Leadership in Action - 24/5/2017 - Representatives from some of our Year 5/6 Leadership Project groups attended an SRC meeting today at lunch. They presented their current project proposals to the school’s SRC. We are happy to announce that all proposals presented were well-received by the SRC and that these students are now able to finalise their projects and put them […]

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