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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog

Welcome to our 2017 Year 6 Team Blog.

Our three classes will be led by Eric (6E), Ms Davis (5/6D) and Ms Y (6Y).

We have an amazing group of young leaders this year and we anticipate a wonderful year full of learning and laughter. Stay tuned to see how we progress in our learning and the legacy we will leave in our final year of primary school!


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Testing All Taps! - 29/6/2017 - Today, the Year 5/6 Innovation and Design Leadership Group made a trip to Booran Reserve Park. The students investigated the design of the taps found there and also looked at the features of the playground. The kids all had a lot of fun and we managed to get back before the rain!
Community Leaders - 29/6/2017 - Five members from the Year 5/6 Community Leadership Group attended the Port Phillip Student Leadership Forum at St Kilda Town Hall on the 27th of June. The kids had a wonderful time participating in team-building activities and discussing youth leadership. The group will be working together to plan a project around this year’s theme, ‘Community […]
Year 5/6 Leadership – Environment Group - 22/6/2017 - Environment Group Today Bronnie from the City of Port Phillip’s EcoCentre came and worked with us.  We talked about waste and started planning on how we can make the fete as waste free as possible. We watched a video from the EcoCentre featuring MC Guttermouth singing a rap about reducing waste. You can find a […]

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