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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog

Welcome to our 2017 Year 6 Team Blog.

Our three classes are led by Eric (6E), Ms Davis (5/6D) and Ms Y (6Y).

It’s hard to believe our Year 6 students have less than 6 months remaining at primary school. We will continue to cherish our remaining days together! Continue to stay tuned to see how we progress in our learning and see the legacy we will leave in our final year of primary school!


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What’s the likelihood? Probability in maths - 18/9/2017 - This week, Year 6 students have started a new maths focus on probability and chance. Using games and inquiry, these concepts are being investigated with as much fun as possible!
Environment Group – Sustainability Festival - 15/9/2017 - On Friday the Environment Group attended The Sustainability Festival held in the City of Port Phillip’s town hall. A number of schools in the Bayside and Port Phillip area attended. Students showed other students the way they are implementing sustainable actions at school. The SKPS Environment Group students presented their actions to reduce landfill waste. […]
Enterprise Education – looking forward to the fete! - 15/9/2017 - On Friday afternoon, in the second last week of term, Ms O’Malley and Ms Borcek came around to each Year 5 & 6 class, and announced which enterprises were successful in getting approval for the fete. All groups were praised on the detail and effort they put into developing business plans, and testing products. Some […]

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